Most Love Stories Start on Wednesday and Sex on Thursday!

Did you know this?

In a recent survey conducted in London,reasearchers found out that majority of Love Stories started on Wednesdays and the couples who were in Love had their first sex on Thursday.

Monday: Find time to chill out, advises the study. It says you are 20% more likely to die of a heart attack on a Monday due to the fall-out from weekend alcohol bingeing and the stress of returning to work.

Tuesday: We’re most productive, on this day. A study found that our rational “left” brain dominates thinking early in the week and is better for routine jobs.

Wednesday: This day is ideal for a first date, say more than 40% of 8,000 singletons polled. If it goes well you get a handy day’s breathing space before the follow-on Friday date. And if it doesn’t work out, you can arrange to see friends at the weekend. Also, bosses are most receptive to requests for pay rises on Wednesdays.

Thursday: Cortisol energy levels, which stimulate sex hormones, are at their peak. A study found that levels of testosterone and oestrogen are up to five times higher than normal days.

Friday: Stub out the fags on this day and you can survive the temptations of the weekend, US researchers found. This is because the first few days are when your willpower is at its strongest.

Saturday: Saturdays are best if you want your child to be a winner. Kids born on this day have a better chance of becoming prime minister — of 21 PMs since 1900, six have been born on a Saturday.

Sundays: Preparing a traditional Sunday roast is more stressful than going to the dentist, according to one in five people surveyed

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