Keep the love alive – Keep the Relationship floating!!!

It’s a natural thing for the passion between a couple to wane after a few years into the relationship. What starts off as red-hot, ‘cant keep our hands off each other’ action may deteriorate to action between the sheets just once a week or once a month. And while some couples learn to exist comfortably, in many cases, this may lead to a complete breakdown of the relationship, and that’s not something you want happening with yours. Remember, passion is one of the key ingredients in keeping a couple together and consequently, their relationship rocking.
Here’s how you can reignite that lost spark and keep it burning.
You may have said it like a million times as a couple in the courting phase, so what’s stopping you from doing it now that you are committed or married? Don’t save your emotions for special occasions or days. Remember, a successful relationship is work in progress and needs to be tended to everyday. Hence, make it a point to express feelings of love and tell your partner just how much you love them everyday. And if your busy schedules aren’t allowing both of you to spend as much time together as you would like it, you can also leave him/her little love notes on the fridge or in a pocket or in the lunch box. Else, just SMS him/her with a simple ‘I luv u’, it will work just as perfectly.
How to Maintain loveTake time out to celebrate each other and the love that you share. Birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day are the perfect excuse to go that extra mile — dress up, get him/her flowers and a gift, go out for a meal, go dancing, take a long drive, etc. If you’re not in the mood to do anything fancy, just indulge in a favourite activity together like catching up on your favourite movie or playing a game of scrabble or listening to your favourite song. Another nice activity to do together on an anniversary is to go through your wedding album or watching your wedding video together. It will undoubtedly bring back all the good memories of that happy day.
Of course, everyone loves heading out on a good family vacation but then if this is all you did, it wouldn’t be too different from a normal outing. You don’t need to take your kids trooping along on each and every vacation you go on. Having time to yourselves will help you bond again as a couple. Leave the kids with someone trusted and head out for your own special ‘couple time’, even if it’s for just the weekend. Being away from those young prying eyes and not having to worry about them 24×7 is sure to make you feel a lot less inhibited and lead-up to some sizzling hot romance. Also, remember that this is your special time so do not discuss things like home, work and other nagging problems. Just enjoy being with each other even if it means that you sit side by side in absolute silence watching the sunset or walking down the beach hand in hand.
LOVE COUPONS:If your partner has done some unexpected good deed, rather than just acknowledging it with a mere thank you, present him/her with a redeemable love coupon. Tell your partner that the coupons can be exchanged for a host of freebies like free massages, a foot rub, a shower together or even an exotic holiday. Be as innovative as you can, your partner is sure to enjoy the suspense and excitement of not knowing what’s in store for him/her and the excitement when you actually tell them what the reward is.
How to  Maintain loveVOICE OUT YOUR SECRET FANTASY:So you’ve always fantasised about how you’d want your partner to make love to you. But unless you actually tell him/her explicitly, you can’t really expect them to imagine what turns you on. Even though you may think it’s a silly thing to do, remember this can be a potent aphrodisiac. And if you’re still too shy to indulge in a bit of ‘dirty talk’ here’s a solution. Buy a book of erotic stories or poetry, wrap it up innovatively and gift it to your partner. You can then read it out together.
FLIRT:Just like saying ‘I love you’ to often is a good habit, a bit of flirting can also spice up things faster than you can imagine. Go back to the start of your relationship and think of the various ways your flirted with each other to catch the other’s attention. If something worked for you then, it’s bound to work now, too. Recall the most successful flirting techniques and indulge in it without telling your partner. It may take them a bit of time to realise that you’re flirting, but once they get the hint (and recall the good old courting days) the sparks will start flying again…..

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  1. I believe everything you have mention is so true in keeping a relationship alive. I also feel good communication is a key to a successful relationship as well as being able to laugh together.

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